The Butter Battle Book "Ending"

Imagine you were Dr. Seuss and you decided to write one more page of your story. Write an “ending” for the story in the style of Dr Seuss

“You know what,” said Vanitch, seeing a new light.

“I don’t think this is really worth a fight.”

Grandpa stayed silent for quite a bit,

Then finally said,”You’re right. I don’t think this was worth all of it.”

“We just have different opinions,” said the Zook.

“I wonder in the future how silly this fight will look.”

The two shook hands and climbed off the Wall,

Then both went to tell the news to all


Then everything came to a halt,

Both realized their fault,

How it would be,

If someone else would see,

The fear in both of their eyes,

They both realized they would meet their demise,

So it became,

That the Yooks and the Zooks were the same.

David S.

Oh dear, oh dear! I’m riddled with fear! Should the bombs go off, i’ll no longer hear! Oh please, grandpa, please jump off that wall!

If I jump, will he? Should i fall, the Zooks would be filled with glee! I won't jump, not me, not me!

I hear a sizzle, the bombs are lit, we haven't much time to settle it!  Who would drop first, the yooks or zooks, it will not matter as we are all foo- *bomb noises*


Grandpa pulled out his butter and bread, 

As he shouted at the zooker “It's time for this to end”!

They both agreed to put the fighting to bed,

As they stared at the sun in the distance ahead.

Nicolas M

Both Grandpa and he, were still as can be,
They stood there waiting, then Grandpa started negating;

When suddenly I hollered that the fight was silly,
Both sides looked at me and exclaimed rather shrilly;

“Why, you are right”, and they each shook hands,
Then they each went to make their own plans


“Grandpa stop this at once, let's all try to speak this out” I said.

“What has this war done for us, we have both gone mad”

I walk up to them and hold their hands.

“Look at us the Zooks and Yooks, we will have nothing.” 

“We all hide and we all sigh, let us end this fight.”


”It is time for me to put faith in your hands.”

This can’t be! I am starting to understand!

“I can't do this!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

“Yes you can, you must!” Grandpa cries, slipping on his tongue. 

“We have seen, I have sought,”

He placed the bomb in my quivering hands.

“You will throw this, and end it.” I became distraught.

And so I threw the bomb, and covered my eyes,

The end of the war I’ve always despised.

Tatiana M

Grandpa’s expression was sour, then mild. 

“I cannot fight in front of this child.”

He took a deep breath. 

“We’ve evened the score. I say and 

propose we don’t fight anymore.”

The Yook sighed. 

“I might have to agree. 

After all of this, I’m as tired as can be!”

Grandpa smiled.

“Maybe we can all learn to be friends?”

The Yook chuckled softly and replied:

“Now that’s how I’d like this story to end.”


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